St. Philip’s School of San Francisco educates students for lives of hope, joy, meaning and purpose to serve the common good. Rooted in Catholic faith and values, our outstanding faculty, staff and parents work together to create a warm and nurturing learning environment that attends to the development of the whole child.


St. Philip’s is one of 55 elementary schools in the Archdiocese of San Francisco serving students in San Francisco, Marin and San Mateo counties. As described by Superintendent Pam Lyons, Catholic schools create educational opportunities that not only address the intellect, but of equal importance, the spiritual, moral, and social aspects of every student. We recognize the importance of academic excellence and are diligent about ensuring that our students are receiving an education on par with, and in most cases, an education that greatly surpasses other local public and private institutions. The difference lies in our pursuit of academic excellence as a pathway to a greater good. Our curriculum is rooted in the Gospels that inspire a love of learning and the intellectual pursuit of the truth.

At St. Philip’s, we share the Catholic faith by incorporating values of generosity, compassion, responsibility, friendship, honesty, perseverance and self-discipline into the curriculum and student life. Students of all faiths and those with no religious backgrounds are welcome and part of the St. Philip’s community.


Community service is one important way in which our students live out our Catholic values. Community service is required of all middle school students:

Grade 6: 10 hours/year
Grade 7: 15 hours/year
Grade 8: 20 hours/year

Examples of recent community service projects include a clothing drive, toy drive, volunteering at the SF/Marin Food Bank, and raising funds for communities affected by natural disasters. Student community service extends to education and activism as well.


St. Philip’s students were recently featured in national Catholic magazine Crux on organizing a student walk out and march to protest gun violence. Read more: Social Justice Built Into School Curriculum


You’ll hear lots about the community of St. Philip’s. Our community takes care of one another, supports the success of all students, and has lots of fun. Recently St. Philip’s parents used these phrases to describe our community:

  • Fun, Family, Network of Care
  • Academic Rigor
  • Social Responsibility
  • Whole Child Development: Mind, Body & Spirit
  • Faith and Catholic Identity
  • Service
  • Personal Integrity and Citizenship
  • Safety
  • Joy, Hope
  • Dedication of all
  • Ongoing commitment to improvement


St. Philip’s School was dedicated by the fourth Archbishop of San Francisco John Joseph Mitty on August 7, 1938. The school opened its first year with 156 students in kindergarten through seventh grade. The first graduating class received their diplomas on June 6, 1940. The Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary (BVM) staffed the school for 50 years. Even as Catholic school teacher demographics shifted towards lay (non-religious) teachers, the sisters of the BVM were an integral part of the school staff until June 1990.