To continue to build an inclusive community where people feel informed, are actively engaged, and are meaningfully supporting the needs of St. Philip School.


St. Philip School is proud of its incredibly strong, tight-knit community. Our families
are the pillar of our community and play an important role in supporting the school through their involvement both within and beyond the classroom. We offer a wide variety of volunteer opportunities for parents. St. Philip could not thrive without the committed engagement of all families.

There is an old saying that “many hands make light work.” Our priorities for Community Engagement
focus on continuing to build a culture of volunteerism and support – the generous giving of time, talents, and treasures.

It is also important for parents, prospective families, and the broader community to know who we are and what we do – our identity, our philosophy, our pedagogy, and our impact on the lives of students in our care. Enhancing communication with our community is also a priority for Community Engagement.


  1. Enhance marketing, communication, and outreach to support enrollment.
    1. Enhance marketing and communications efforts to inform prospective families about St. Philip’s programs.
    2. Leverage technology (e.g. social media) to tell the St. Philip story.
    3. Strengthen the process for recruitment, admissions, and enrollment.
  2. Continue to strengthen communication with current families.
    1. Strengthen ongoing communication with parents so they feel fully informed about the school’s academic philosophy and programs.
    2. Introduce special parent information nights offering expanded insight and support.
    3. Initiate an annual open house to share updates and strategic progress.
  3. Restructure the PTG to so that it is more efficiently organized to support the needs of the school.
  4. Increase the number of parents who are actively engaged in supporting the school, through their time, talents, or treasures.
    1. Explore ways to engage parents that more effectively capitalize on their individual strengths, talents, and interests.
  5. Enhance the volunteer experience for parents
    1. Leverage technology to make it easier for the school to communicate with parents and for volunteers to engage with the school.
    2. Prioritize gratitude – enhance recognition of volunteers.