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Distance Learning

  1. St. Philip’s new model of Distance Learning is designed to maintain our commitment to academic excellence and pastoral care for our students.Teachers provide daily instruction, including online classes and activities, so that they continue to engage with and support students academically and emotionally.

  2. While Distance Learning lessons mirror the classroom schedule as closely as possible, teachers also structure their lessons to adapt to the new reality of family life, providing creative and flexible ways to meet students’ needs.

  3. Our Distance Learning model builds on the strong partnership between home and school – a valuable element of our mission. Our strong sense of community remains intact, with regular communication between faculty and families, while school organizations continue to work to ensure that our commitment to community and each other remains vibrant. 

Some feedback from Saint Philip’s School parents about the new distance learning model:

“I want to let you all know that our family is so appreciative of how you have handled the COVID crisis and quickly pivoted to distance learning.”

“We appreciate all your efforts in making this Distance Learning as smooth as possible.” 

“Keep up the amazing work! I’m impressed and very appreciative of St. Philip!”

“Just keep doing what you’re doing. These are unprecedented times and all of you have really stepped up to the plate on such short notice. You’re all doing a great job with our student’s distance learning and creating some normalcy in their lives. IT’S SO VERY APPRECIATED!!!”

“We couldn’t be more pleased.” 

“We would like to let you know that you and the staff have done an outstanding job in implementing distance learning and making it challenging and engaging, and this is very much appreciated”

“Thank you for all you and the teachers are doing for this distance learning.  It’s quite impressive especially with how fast everything happened.”

“I want to thank you for being so well prepared for all of this.  I am blown away by the commitment of you and the teachers.  We are so thankful at how well organized this transition has been.” 

“You all are doing an AMAZING job.  Thank you!”

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