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We are proud to offer a challenging curriculum encompassing a multidisciplinary way of teaching. To enrich faculty and students with opportunities to collaborate and be inspired beyond traditional approaches to education, and take meaningful steps toward effectively supporting the diverse needs of all students.

The Curriulum


English Language Arts

St. Philip’s English Language Arts curriculum encourages young learners to enjoy and develop a love of reading, by teaching and practicing a combination of the most up-to-date Common Core curriculum standards in ELA. Our students are exposed to a variety of literature to help them understand and appreciate the various genres of written material. Critical thinking skills are consistently developed, and the teachers challenge the students to implement these skills across other subject areas. With the integration of technology, we ensure that our students are exposed to a wide range of literacy media, in preparation for the expectations of high school.


The Mathematics curriculum at St. Philip’s is constructed with the understanding that students learn in different ways. Our students are guided to the challenge of mathematics through a rigorous curriculum where they find multiple methods to solve the same problem. In addition, our students learn how to manage math through daily life strategies and learn that math is around them everyday.

Social Studies/History

History and Social Studies are taught with the understanding that dates and figures are not the end of the story. From Kindergarten to Eighth Grade, students are taught about the world around them, how historical events changes cultures, and how geographical features affect cultures. Geography, historical people (from all walks of life), and governmental structures: the Social Studies curriculum challenges our students to learn from the past to assist them in what they do with their futures.

Enrichment Classes/After-care Programs

St. Philip’s School challenges and enriches the curriculum through a series of enrichment classes. These classes include Spanish (K-8), Physical Education, Technology, Music and Arts classes. All subjects are taught by qualified instructors who use multiple methods of teaching in order to bring out the best in every student. After school, we offer a series of programs in a wide range of topics. These programs include: Yoga, Cooking, Tap Dance, Piano (keyboarding), French, and Chess. 


Through a study of physical, life, and earth Science, students develop critical thinking skills and learn to become active problem solvers. Through experimentation and hands-on experiences, scientific inquiry is promoted in an atmosphere of curiosity and open-mindedness. Students are encouraged to think scientifically as they learn through questioning, observation, investigation and drawing conclusions.


The Catholic faith, its teachings and values are intertwined in every activity and the environment at St. Philip’s. At each grade level students learn about the faith, participate in liturgies, perform social justice projects, (drives for the less fortunate) community service and practice the Gospel values of compassion and respect for all people. For those students practicing the Catholic faith and their families, the school and parish offer classes in preparation for the Sacraments of Reconciliation, First Holy Communion and Confirmation.

Technology & Library

As the world is ever-changing in the area of technology, St. Philip’s School is changing with it! Our school offers not only dedicated technology and library classes, but we also make it a point to make these key subjects part of everyday school life. From I-Pads (K-3), laptops (4-8), and experienced teachers, our Technology and Library programs have one goal: to make these subjects exciting and meaningful to every student.

Enrichment Classes/After-care Programs

The Rhythm and Moves physical education curriculum teaches students successful ways of moving so they enjoy physical activity while learning that being physically fit and healthy is good for their physical, emotional and social well-being. The highly qualified, professional and motivated educators engage each student – revealing their inner potential to embrace physical activity and life-long health and fitness. The expected outcomes of the program continue to evolve to address the changing needs regarding health and fitness in an ever-evolving society. The general objectives of each lesson are based on the SHAPE National Standards for physical education kindergarten – eighth grade.

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