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As part of our community, our generous donors directly help students succeed intellectually, emotionally and socially throughout their futures. 



Your donation allows us to provide students with resources and support student programs. In lieu of a one-time gift, consider making a recurring monthly gift that provides a more regular income stream that helps the school with its financial planning.


Encourage friends and family within the community to donate. There's no better way to make an impact than to become an active advocate yourself. Donate now and make an impact!


Donate to St. Philip's School

You can make a difference. Your donation allows us to provide students with resources and support student programs. We thank you for your generosity.


Thank you for your support!

SCRIP Program

Purchase electronic scrip online through ShopWithScrip.com

Parents have to first create their own individual ShopWithScrip.com account to be able to purchase scrip online. Parents will need to have St. Philip School’s unique enrollment code (please contact the school office for the enrollment code) to have their account associated with the school ShopWithScrip Account. This will ensure that all of their purchases will be credited toward their required Scrip Participation quota.

ScripNow (electronic gift cards)

When ScripNow purchased paid by PrestoPay, eCard is delivered to parents account in minutes. Parents can print out eCard and redeem it in stores, or copy and paste a code at checkout to apply to an online purchase.

Reload and ReloadNow

Parents can add funds to their hard scrip (plastic gift cards). Only applicable for retailers that offer Reload and/or ReloadNow product. Only applicable on hard scrip (plastic gift cards) purchased through the school’s traditional “Monday Scrip Ordering Day” or from the school inventory. Reload—funds available overnight no matter of type of payment method. ReloadNow—funds available whenever payment received (Literally in minutes if order is paid using PrestoPay).

ShopWithScrip.com does not accept credit/debit card or ACH payment (direct debit from banking account) as a form of an online payment. It uses PrestoPay, an electronic payment method which allows parents to securely link a bank account to their ShopWithScrip online account. Parents can then choose to have their bank account debited for the entire amount of their ShopWithScrip order when they checkout online. Parents pay convenience fee of $0.15 per order. Online order can still also be paid by checks. When parents indicated check as their method of payment, the order will be placed on hold by ShopWithScrip.com. All check payments should be dropped off at the school office or church rectory to the attention of the school and parish administrative assistants (Janice, Carol or Sandy). All checks should be written out to St. Philip School. Once the school received the payment, the online orders will be released.

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