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Volunteering at St. Philip

St. Philip is known for its strong sense of community. This community leads to a richer, more fulfilling school experience for our students, staff, and parents.  We are extremely grateful for our generous parent and community volunteers who really make this happen, and set a wonderful example for our children. We also rely on volunteers and fundraising, since tuition alone does not cover all educational costs. Read on to learn more about St. Philip volunteer opportunities and requirements.

Is volunteering required?

Yes, each school family must complete a certain number of hours for the school year. Details can be found in the school handbook. (Available in FACTS the Family Portal.)

How do I sign up to volunteer?

Numerous volunteer opportunities are listed below, including sign up links or contact details for many activities. More detail will be added so be sure to check back regularly.

What volunteering is available?

We invite parents and guardians to volunteer for a wide variety of opportunities that are available during and after school hours. 


Are volunteer hours tracked?

Yes. The school will work with the various committees, leads, and staff to track completed hours. These will be reported at least once a trimester.

Do I need any training to volunteer?

All volunteer activities with or near students requires training. More details can be found below. Coaching requires additional training.

Who do I contact with questions?

Email StP.Volunteers@saintphilipschool.org with any questions or concerns you may have. 



Field Trips


PTG Activities


Bruin Open

Volunteer Opportunities

There are a wide variety of volunteering opportunities throughout the year. Check out the list below to find the opportunities that fit your interests, skills, and availability. If no sign-up information is available, email StP.Volunteers@saintphilipschool.org for more information. 


Oktoberfest (October)

Sip 'n Shop (November)

Crab Feed (January)

Auction (Spring)

Bruin Open (Spring) (Sign Up)


PTG Committee Leads* (Sign-up)

PTG​  Committees (Sign-up)

Advisory Board Committees* (more info & sign-ups)

Festival Committee (Contact for 2024)

Auction Committee

On Campus Activities

Car line​ (Full)

Yard supervision (Coming Soon)

Choice Lunch (Sign-up)

Sports Council Lunch (Fall) (Sign-up)

Grandparent / Special Person Day

Class Parent (Full)


Coaching (more info)​

Sports Day (Spring)

Field trip chaperone

*There are many opportunities to volunteer remotely and at times that are most convenient for volunteers, especially those marked with an asterisk above.

Volunteer Screening & Requirements

Volunteers who will be engaging directly with students must complete screening and training, including:

Volunteer Training

Most volunteering is quite straightforward and training is rarely required. If any  training is required, this will be provided via documentation or from other volunteers. If you have questions about specific activities reach out to the relevant leads or email StP.Volunteers@saintphilipschool.org.




Field Trips


School Activities

Grandparents day Webpng_edited.jpg

Grandparents' Day

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