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The St. Philip’s School Library uses LibraryWorld, a web-based library automation service. The library has over 5,500 books that are cataloged and searchable. You may search by title, author, subject matter, key word, or reading level below.

Reading Levels

Our books are separated into three reading levels:

  • Picture Books (classified as PB and indicated by a red dot on the spine)

  • Young Reader (classified as YR and indicated by a blue dot on the spine)

  • All other books

The categorization of these levels is not always exact, but the general method for assigning books to the levels is as follows:

Picture Books Grades K–2

At the lower end, these books are 32 pages with color illustrations on every page and very little text. The more advanced ones have 64 pages with long chunks of text that take up a whole page, as long as there lots of pictures. The books are generally tall and thin. Some examples are:

  • Pete The Cat (Dean)

  • Fly Guy (Arnold)

  • Elephant & Piggie (Willems)

  • Adventures of Riley (Lumry)

  • Spongebob Squarepants (various authors)


Young Reader Grades 1-3

At the lower end, these books are similar to Picture Books, but have more text. On the higher end, these books include chapter books around 100 pages. Some examples are:

  • Magic Tree House (Osbourne)

  • The Puppy Place (Miles)

  • Horrid Henry (Simon)

  • Ranger in Time (Messner)

  • The Bailey School Kids (Dadey)

  • The Secrets of Droon (Abbott)

  • Junie B. (Park)


All Other Books Grades 3-8

At the lower end, these books are similar to Young Reader chapter books, but are slightly more complex. Examples:

  • Warriors (Hunter)

  • The Chronicles of Narnia (Lewis)

  • Guardians of Ga’Hoople (Lasley)

  • Percy Jackson (Riordan)

  • Goosebumps (Stine)

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