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Mary McKeever - Principal St. Philip's School
San Francisco

Mary McKeever is a native of Ireland, having moved to California in 2000. A graduate of University College, Dublin, she has almost 30 years of teaching experience in Catholic schools Before taking on the role as principal, Mary was the 5thGrade teacher and vice-principal at St. Philip’s, and has been part of this community for 15 years. She completed her graduate studies at USF in the Masters in Catholic Educational Leadership Program. Mary is devoted to this school and community and believes in the future of St. Philip’s as a vibrant and inclusive place of faith and learning. She is committed to the school’s mission to meet the needs of all learners, through a program that is balanced between academic rigor and enrichment that allows students to reach their full potential. Mary is the also the founder and director of “Celtic Voices” choirs, of which many current and past students, teachers, and parents are members.

“St. Philip’s School is a place where academic excellence and faith based learning combine to create an environment where students can succeed.”

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