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Our COVID 19 Response

Updated Return to School (RTS) Operations Plan for St. Philip's School 2021/2022

This Operations Plan has been updated to reflect the State of California’s COVID-19 Public Health Guidance for K-12 Schools in California, 2021-22 School Year issued on July 12, 2021.

The Operations Plan has also been revised to reflect latest guidance from the SFDPH, issued on August 11, 2021 SFDPH website on COVID-19 Information on Schools, Childcare, and Youth Programs.


All plans to safely return our students, teachers, and staff to the school building are based on guidance from the SFDPH and the Department of Catholic Schools. Our original RTS (Operations Plan) has been updated to reflect recent changes on restrictions and guidance. However, school sites may implement more restrictive measures. Please see the letter from the Superintendent by using the link below:



The following outlines the updated guidance as well as the measures that will be implemented at St. Philip’s School. This is subject to change, based on further guidance from the SFDPH and the DCS.


  • Routine disinfection is no longer required

St. Philip’s School
  • Cleaning and disinfecting procedures for instructional areas and areas used for eating  will remain in place, including cleaning before and after meals/snacks 

  • Classrooms outfitted with cleaning and disinfecting supplies


  • Cohort mixing can resume

  • Regular schedules may resume

  • Staggered drop-off and pick-up is not required

  • Physical Distancing is no longer required

St. Philip’s School
  • Students will be assigned to specific areas for recess/lunch/play

  • Recesses are staggered to provide maximum playing/socializing space

  • All students will arrive at school by 7:50am; entrances and exits will be assigned as follows: K, 1, 3: use red door | 2, 4, 5: use blue door | 6, 7, 8: use main gate

  • Regular dismissal times, per the school calendar, will apply

  • Students will be reminded by staff to maintain as much distancing as possible, especially if indoor snack/lunch is needed

  • Bathroom occupancy is limited


  • Events, such as Back to School Night, may occur following all school safety protocols

St. Philip’s School
  • BTS Nights will be conducted via Zoom

  • Morning assembly will be conducted remotely, with the exception of the First Day.


  • Students with outdoor exposures at school must quarantine only if the exposure happened while unmasked and sitting/standing in place, or during high-contact sports.  

  • Students in the same class or group as a positive COVID-19 case must quarantine only if they are known to have spent 15 minutes within 6 feet of the case.  

  •  Modified quarantine is only for children with close contact to COVID-19 at school. It does not apply to childcares and other programs for children and youth

  • Children and youth who’ve experienced covid-19 symptoms without a known close contact can return to school after a negative test and no longer need to wait a specified time after fever and symptoms improve unless their school requires something different. 

  • Isolation and Quarantine Guidance

St. Philip’s School
  • Per SFDPH guidance

  • Class rosters and seating charts created to allow for identification of close contacts; 

  • Assigned seating in classrooms (MS & Science) that are used by different grades/class groups, to allow for identification of close contacts


  • Health screenings (students and staff) should be conducted at home; it is no longer the responsibility of the school to conduct health screenings

  • Parent/Guarding Symptom and Exposure Check 

  • Anyone who is sick should not come to school

St. Philip’s School
  • The HealthTrac app will no longer be used. If a student is not feeling well, he/she will be sent to the isolation room. 

  • A temperature check will be conducted and he/she will be sent home if necessary.

  • Staff will monitor for symptoms; anyone who has symptoms will be sent home


  • Teach and reinforce the importance of handwashing

  • Promote handwashing throughout the day, especially before and after eating, using the bathroom etc.

  • Water fountains may be used

St. Philip’s School
  • Sanitation stations installed in all populated areas.

  • All classrooms without a sink will have a hand sanitizing station

  • Students will be reminded to wash/sanitize hands regularly

  • Water bottle policy in place to reduce the use of water fountains

  • Students should bring a filled water bottle to school. Water faucets can be used to refill water bottles or plastic cups; students are discouraged from drinking from the water faucet directly.



St. Philip’s School
  • All students will return to in-person instruction.

  • Students who need to stay home due to exposure/isolation will be provided with materials and assignments so that learning can continue. Interactive Zoom classes will not be offered.


  • Masks are required indoors for San Francisco; masks are optional outdoors

  • Disposable 3-ply surgical masks are recommended by CDPH

  • Under CDPH guidelines, any student who refuses to wear a mask will be sent home, unless an exemption to mask wearing has been granted.

  • Those requiring an exemption to wearing masks need to provide written documentation of an eligible condition; this needs to be signed by a physician.

St. Philip’s School
  • Masks will be required indoors and outdoors, except when students are eating/drinking during snack and lunch. 

  • Masks will be provided for students who do not bring one to school; however, parents are asked to provide their children with masks daily.

  • Any student who refuses to wear a mask will be sent home.

  • Exemption to Mask Wearing

  • This form needs to be submitted to the school principal if an exemption is requested.


St. Philip’s School


  • SFDPH requires testing of on-site school personnel who are not fully vaccinated for COVID-19, including essential volunteers, interns, and student teachers.

St. Philip’s School
  • Staff and regular volunteers are required to show proof of vaccination or weekly testing


  • All options for good ventilation and/or use of outdoor are encouraged

St. Philip’s School
  • Outdoor space will be used for recess/lunch times (eating and drinking); P.E., and for additional classroom activities and breaks at the teachers’ discretion, and weather permitting

  • All available ventilation measures in place

  • Verification of window safety for ventilation has been completed by custodian


  • Non-essential volunteers/visitors who are not fully vaccinated for COVID-19 should be limited. 

St. Philip’s School
  • Non-essential visitors are not permitted on campus; only essential personnel may be on site.

  • All visitors/volunteers must sign in and provide information for contact tracing.

  • All regular volunteers must show proof of vaccination or weekly testing.

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