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Welcome to
St. Philip School of
San Francisco

B - Beacons of Faith

Show reverence for God and His Creation

Respect the dignity of others

Live the Gospel through prayer and service

R - Responsible Citizens

Make just and empathetic choices

Show accountability for their words and actions

Value their community and the environment

U - Unique People

Recognize & appreciate their talents and skills and those of others

Demonstrate tolerance and understanding of themselves and others

Seek to enrich their lives in meaningful ways

I - Independent Thinkers

Use logic and creativity to solve problems and communicate effectively

Show curiosity, motivation and a passion for knowledge

Learn throughout life

N- Nurturing Individuals

Stand up for what is right and just

Respect the differences in others

Serve as role models through kind words and actions


Rooted in Catholic faith and values, faculty, staff and parents partner to create an inclusive and nurturing learning environment. St. Philip’s School attends to the development of the whole child, through the pursuit of academic excellence and personal enrichment. Students are educated for lives of hope, joy, meaning and purpose to serve the common good. 



St. Philip’s is a Catholic school that offers a comprehensive, rigorous educational program that incorporates faith and values into the curriculum and student life. In partnership with parents, we provide opportunities for all students to achieve success. Our students are encouraged to be well-rounded individuals and life-long learners who practice respect, responsibility, and empathy. We challenge each child to reach his/her potential and to demonstrate spiritual, intellectual, social, and emotional growth.


Let’s FACE it! St. Philip’s School will transform the lives of its students through a learning experience that is driven by Faith, Academics, Community and Enrichment.  

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Enrollment: 223
Average Class Size: 26
50% girls | 50% boys


School Hours

Preschool: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

K-4th: 7:50 am to 3:00 pm
5th-8th: 7:50 am to 3:10 pm
Early dismissal on Fridays at 1.30pm (all grades)

Individual having fun

Extended Care

K-8th grades

Monday - Thursday until 5:30 pm 

Friday until 4:00 pm 

Cost: $13.00 per hour (drop-ins)

More Info

Tours are offered every Wednesday.

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Our Parents Community

Bronagh Hanley

As a new family coming into the school during COVID, we have been really impressed with the dedication and creativity of the principal and the staff dealing with an unprecedented situation with professionalism and grace. Very happy to be part of this community and our daughter is thriving! 

Jessica McCormick

The strong community is why we choose to send our children to St. Philip School! We love that our little ones feel happy, safe, and excited to go to school each day! What more could a parent ask for?

Roxanne Alejandre 

St. Philip’s offered everything that we were looking for, a school within walking distance, strong academics, a warm and welcoming parent community, and caring teachers. We were especially impressed with how the school quickly adjusted to COVID offering distance learning and then safe in-person learning. We now have all three of our children at St. Philip’s and could not be happier!

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665 Elizabeth Street, San Francisco, CA 94131

 info@saintphilipschool.org  |  Tel: (415) 824-8467 

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