1. We have registered the following teams on the San Francisco Youth Baseball League (SFYBL): St. Philip Bruins T-Ball - Kindergarten, St. Philip Bruins Coach Pitch - 1st grade, St. Philip Bruins Kid Pitch - 2nd grade: Player registration opens today Monday November 15th: Register your player for their respective team by March 8th

  2. Saturday January 22nd (Time TBD) St. Philip Athletics brings you our annual Crab Feed Fundraiser: Come and join us in the parish hall for our fun crab feed dinner. All proceeds go to help run the St. Philip Athletics program and help cover the cost of our gym rentals, equipment and team registrations. Tickets go on sale in December. 

St. Philip's Athletics

Bringing out the best in every student-athlete!

The Saint Philip School Athletic Program is designed to help our kids have fun and learn about life through sports. Volunteer coaches encourage our students to be respectful at all times, humble when they win and gracious when they lose.


We always strive to provide a safe, fun environment for our student-athletes. Our coaches lead by example, practicing true sportsmanship and remembering that the feelings and welfare of our players are far more important than the outcome of any game. We strive to develop strong playing skills and to promote a friendly, respectful relationship among the student-athletes, coaches, referees, and parents.


We offer sports for girls and boys from Kindergarten to Eighth Grade, including:

SoccerVolleyballBasketballBaseballTrack & fieldCross-countryTable TennisDance (Hip Hop / All Styles)


Parent and volunteer coaches are the lifeblood of our Sports Program at St. Philip’s School.

Coaching requires enthusiasm, dedication, patience, and a positive attitude. All our coaches attend skills training sessions in advance of each season and, to protect the safety of our students, each coach must complete fingerprinting and a background check.

Coaching is one of the most rewarding ways to contribute to each child’s experience at school.

Sports Fundraising

We run fundraisers throughout the year to cover the costs of delivering a comprehensive sports program for all student athletes at St. Philip School:

Sports Calendar


  • K – 1st Grade Soccer (Vikings)

  • 2nd Grade Soccer (YMCA)

  • 3rd – 8th Grade Boys Soccer (CYO)

  • 3rd – 8th Grade Girls Volleyball (CYO)

  • 3rd – 8th Grade Cross Country (CYO)



  • 3rd – 8th Grade Girls Soccer (CYO)

  • 3rd – 8th Grade Boys Basketball (CYO)

  • Kinder – 8th Grade Table Tennis


  • K – 2nd Grade Baseball (SFYBL)

  • 3rd - 8th grade Track and Field

  • 3rd – 8th Grade Girls Basketball (CYO)

  • 3rd – 8th Grade Co-Ed Baseball (CYO)

Sports Donations


Our fundraising efforts are designed to pay for an assortment of costs in running the sports program, including gym rental fees, registration dues, equipment, and uniform charges.


Please donate here! We greatly appreiate any donations. THANK YOU!

If you have any fundraising ideas, or would like to offer a donation to our Sports Program, please contact bruins@saintphilipschool.org

If you have any questions about our sports program, please contact us!