Dear St. Philip Community,

In March 2019, our community initiated a robust and inclusive strategic planning process to guide the future for St. Philip School.  After several challenging years of leadership transitions, we believe that St. Philip’s is now positioned to affirmatively move forward.  Our leadership is strong. Our community has confidence in Mary McKeever, our Principal, who has brought stability, imagination, and an energetic commitment to our mission. We have assembled a diverse, experienced, and actively engaged Consultative Board. Our outstanding faculty is competent, caring, and inspired to do more and better for our students in their care. Our families are generous with their time, talents and treasures. Although we have always believed this, the data collected through our strategic planning process has confirmed that our community is a key differentiator for St. Philip School; our success can be directly attributed to the strength of our “family.”  We are a Catholic, inclusive, faith filled, welcoming community that deeply values our relationships with God and with each other, and are whole-heartedly invested in providing an outstanding experience for all students and ensuring the long-term sustainability of St. Philip School.

We are very fortunate to be planning from a position of strength. St. Philip’s Catholic identity and mission are strong; faith is fully integrated into our culture of learning. Enrollment is growing – families have confidence in our program. Financially, we are in excellent shape; our fundraising is robust and we are responsible stewards of our resources.  We have significantly improved facilities and provided classroom supports for learning (e.g. technology). This is an opportune time for us to imagine and realize “what’s next” for St. Philip School.

As members of the Strategic Planning Committee, we felt that it was essential to intentionally design a strategic planning process that would invite and give voice to everyone in our community, including current and former families, faculty and staff, parishioners, friends and former students. It is with hope and excitement that we present this Strategic Plan for St. Philip’s School to the community.  We are eternally grateful for everyone’s confidence and support, and look forward to everyone playing a role in realizing a brilliant future for our students and our community.

Here is a link to a pdf version of the full Strategic Plan: Saint Philip’s School Strategic Plan 2020-2023

Go Bruins!

St. Philip Strategic Planning Committee

Jessica Alfaro
Julie Dowd
Dan Mallegni
Nicola Finnerty
Monica Healy
Mary McKeever