To address facilities needs within the context of Laudato Si’, with an emphasis on being thoughtful and responsible stewards of our facilities and our environment.


Laudato Si’: On Care for Our Common Home is an appeal from Pope Francis addressed to every person living on this planet. Pope Francis encourages us to engage in inclusive dialogue about how we are collectively shaping our future. Catholic schools, parishes, and dioceses, in response to Pope Francis’ call, are pro-actively identifying positive environmental practices within their communities and prioritizing areas for improvement.

Overall, the facilities at St. Philip’s are in great working condition, considering that our school is 80 years old! The school was recently retrofitted and the interior was painted in 2019. However, to be environmentally responsible, provide a safe and clean environment, and serve the current needs of the community, additional changes are necessary. We also want to be prepared to capitalize on new opportunities for space utilization and environmental stewardship as they arise.


  1. Repair the boys’ and girls’ bathrooms with a focus on water conservation and sanitation.
  2. Convert the computer lab to a multipurpose room that is energy efficient and meets the needs of multiple users at the school.
  3. Identify smaller school projects that will improve the appearance, functionality, energy efficiency and comfort, particularly within classrooms.
  4. Proactively engage in dialogue with the Parish about facilities’ needs, with a focus on mutually beneficial opportunities to thoughtfully and efficiently utilize space and serve as responsible stewards of our environment.
  5. Work in partnership with the Parish to more effectively utilize Parish space for school-related activities.
    1.  Work with the parish on scheduling and utilizing the parish hall for school day needs, like lunch space.
    2. Leverage future opportunities for space utilization that may emerge as the parish converts to a cluster model.