To reaffirm a clear connection between our school and church and to establish a more defined link between our church lives and our secular lives.


St. Philip’s has a strong Catholic mission and identity which reflects the inclusive, diverse, community-based neighborhood in which it is located. Our school’s core beliefs and curriculum stem from what it truly means to be Catholic: open and welcoming to all. We pride ourselves on our dedication to address the intellectual, spiritual, moral, and social aspects of every child. 

The context of this strategic plan comes from a desire within our community to establish a more defined link between our church lives and secular lives, and to reaffirm a clear connection between our school and church. We also aspire to elevate what our school currently has in place for Catholic Identity Standards (as set by the Western Catholic Education Association). 


  1. Strengthen the partnership between the school and the parish, and adapt to changes that result from the parish clustering process.  
    1. Facilitate more lines of communication between school families, parish staff, and community.
    2. Create a cross-membership process to share communication between the Consultative Board and Parish Council. 
  1. Make school masses more interactive and engaging for students.
    1. Use the Children’s Lectionary & Family Mass and Eucharistic Prayer Book
    2. Invite the class hosting mass to participate in the choir and decorate the altar
    3. Integrate new music into the student masses
  1. Strengthen the quality and relevance of community service opportunities for students and families.
  1. Enhance the spiritual and faith development of students in addition to religion classes.
    1. Provide training for teachers to facilitate in-school retreats and moderate personal faith discussions.
    2. Institute short moments for reflection/meditation/mindfulness during the school day.
    3. Build and maintain a community garden to teach kids about care for the environment. 
  1. Select a more contemporary religion textbook series that is approved by the Archdiocese and aligns with our school’s mission and values.
  1. Explore the feasibility of creating a Campus Youth Ministry position. 
    1. A school-wide professional resource who would work in partnership with teachers to support student masses, sacramental preparation, religion classes, and enhancing all aspects of student faith development.